Help for the Grieving

When you experience a loss, it is a very painful process. Whether you are dealing with a sudden or expected loss, these times in life can be almost unbearable. The mission of Lynneys is to help those who are grieving.

Lynneys gifts are a great way to let a friend or family member know you are thinking of them and wish to offer them comfort and support. While sending flowers and providing food are nice gestures, most people want to know what they can do beyond that to support their loved one in their time of grief. Lynneys exists to help with that.

Lynneys gifts can be given at any time: after a recent event, around an anniversary, during a holiday season, around Mother’s or Father’s Day or simply at a later date when most of the immediate support following a loss disappears.

The comforting gifts are only part of the support. For most, true healing comes from connection with others who have experienced a similar type of loss. When you send a Lynneys gift, you are also providing grief support resources.